New to this whole blogging thing


Yes I suppose I’m a little behind on the times. Why start now? Well the idea actually struck me last night at one of my family Christmas’s. Everyone seemed to have a story to tell; a trek through Europe, a bike ride across Alaska, teaching children in Thailand, working in New York City (my unfulfilled dream!). They even had exciting stories that their friends had done. One of which, and probably not the most exciting of all the stories but certainly struck me the most, was my sister-in-law’s friend had worked her way from the ground up in the fashion and photography world.  She started with a fashion blog, and it took off running.  I just thought to myself, “What am I doing to even get my foot in the door?”  So, here I am. Trying to get my ideas and visions about fashion out to the world.  Maybe it’ll take off running, maybe it’ll be a slow crawl.


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